Bird nests in Attic

Dangers of Nesting Birds

This year we seem to be getting an ever increasing number of calls regarding nesting birds. Nesting birds can present many dangers to home and business owners. Generally people who call us are complaining of the noise and nuisance of the birds, oftentimes oblivious to the dangers carried by birds, their droppings and nesting materials. Furthermore when we get calls it is oftentimes year two of…

Nesting birds causing problems in your attic?

Although you would not think it with the adverse weather conditions we have had over the last while, spring is just around the corner. There is a noticeable stretch in the evenings. Soon swallows will magically reappear, buds will start to blossom and bees will start to fly.  What a great time of year.  Very soon birds will pair up and start constructing their nests in preparation for breeding.

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