Wildlife Carcass Removal

Unfortunately from time to time we will get calls relating to an animal that has died on someone’s premises. This is particularly common for urban foxes. Whilst some of the urban foxes we have encountered in Dublin are in great condition, there are many who are not. Urban foxes have a high mortality rate, with up to 80% not living over a year. Due to the sparse resources for urban foxes within urban environments and the high density of them in a small area, diseases such as mange will spread quickly. It is for this reason that from time to time a fox will die in someone’s garden or worse again in their den underneath a shed or a deck.


It is an offence to dispose of a dead fox or animal within your normal household rubbish. In Wildlife Management Services we understand that it can be distressing to find a dead animal on your premises and will respond to the job as a matter of urgency. We will remove the animal in line with the Dept of Agriculture policy on dead animal removal. We will also decontaminate the area with a specialist disinfectant as dead animals can often carry disease or parasites and it is important that the area is left hygienically safe. Odour treatments are also part of our removal process to ensure that any noxious smells will promptly dissipate.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require dead fox removal or any other wildlife species. We endeavor to answer all calls and emergency emails will be responded to out of hours.

Phone 087 6410206 or 057 8623042