Golf Courses

Golf Courses
We in Wildlife Management Services cater our services to suit the intricacies of many different industries. We have been delivering services to various Golf Courses for at least ten years.


The problems that we have encountered on Golf Courses is that wildlife species such as birds, rabbits and grey squirrels can cause a real problem in relation to the care,  appearance and maintenance of greens, bunkers and fairways. We have found that rooks and jackdaws in particular burrow on greens for leatherjackets and chafer grubs. They will peck and tear up turfs causing significant damage which will affect the appearance of the Golf Course. As Golf Courses are generally aesthetically pleasing areas with an emphasis on landscaping and wooded areas the grey squirrel presents a threat to the trees, particularly the more mature trees. They usually tend to attack beech, sycamore, elder and hazel trees between 10 and 40 years old. They attack trees by first stripping the bark from around the trunk and branches, discarding it and then feeding on the soft vascular tissues underneath. This will most likely result in serious discoloration or death of the tree.

We have found that the presence of rabbits in Golf Courses present several hazards. Firstly, the fact that rabbits dig and burrow on the greens will seriously damage the appearance of the Golf Course. Rabbits will graze on the green and damage grass yield, they will also burn turf with their acidic urine.  Rabbits will often also eat vegetation in landscaped areas particularly young trees and plants. Finally, rabbits burrowing/building warrens in hedgerows can cause land degradation and erosion. Ultimately this results in an increased workload for the greenkeeper.


If these wildlife or other species are currently causing a problem on your Golf Course we would suggest that you call us to hear more about the solutions that we would recommend:

Infestation Removal     Habitat Management


Or link to our blog article ‘What is digging up my lawn‘  for further details on damage to greens.

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