Training & Awareness

In Wildlife Management Services we understand the value of training and awareness raising in workplaces. Oftentimes a small bit of knowledge of the nature of a particular problem species on a particular site can greatly reduce the hazards caused. For example if staff are aware of the factors that can attract wildlife to your site, i.e. open waste bins, food scraps etc. these can be minimised.  Wildlife Management Services are very familiar with the species we deal with and can ensure that you and your staff are aware of the species present. As a lot of species, particularly birds are protected by Irish and European legislation it is important that people are aware of how best to deal with them in order to avoid prosecution. There have been cases of people removing protected nests, who have then received summonses and fines etc. by advising you, we can ensure that this does not happen in your business.

We can also train your staff to use our Distress Call Systems, oftentimes the most effective ways in which to use these products is at key times during the day and year.


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