Trapped Bird Removal

From time to time birds will get trapped in commercial buildings, particularly in urban areas. Generally what happens is the bird will gain entrance through an opening and is then unable to find their way back out. Some birds will perch in an area and not move, whilst others can become distressed and spend a lot of time flying around attempting to exit from the building. If it is closer to the end of the day, the bird might even be happy of a place to roost for the evening, this is particularly characteristic of the feral pigeon in urban areas. A bird of any size can cause a significant amount of damage and pose a serious health and safety hazard the longer they are trapped in a building. Bird guano can cause serious damage to stock or presents a serious hazard in production areas, particularly food production. Bird guano carries a host of diseases which are transmittable to humans. Furthermore a bird trapped in a building will set off alarms in a vacant building i.e. at night. As you may know not setting your alarm carries a liability in terms of protection from building insurance.

Wildlife Management Services offers a trapped bird removal service. We have an expert knowledge in Wildlife Protection laws which is imperative as a lot of bird species are protected under both Irish and European wildlife legislation. We use a host of mechanisms for removing birds and each is dependent on the specifics of each individual building. We offer an emergency call-out service where necessary. We also offer service provision during unsociable hours, which is often essential as bird removal can be tricky during operating hours (however also possible).

Please contact us immediately if there is a trapped bird in your building, the longer a bird remains the more damage it can cause.

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