European Rabbit ( Oryctolagus Cuniculus )Rabbits were brought to England and Ireland in the middle ages by the Normans in order to provide meat. Since then they have multiplied out of all proportion to the extent that they are now a serious countryside pest. Each doe produces between two and four litters a year, mostly between January and June with each litter consisting of from three to six young. They will mature and start to breed within a year, which is why populations increase so rapidly.

To the urban dweller rabbits are harmless docile little pets. However, to the farmer, green keeper, vegetable grower, stud farm owner and everyone else who earns their living from the land they are simply put -an ever present scourge.

Damage caused by Rabbits

The endless burrowing of rabbits into both natural and man made banks causes serious erosion of hedgerows, root structures, fence and gate posts. Established burrow structures can extend out several meters under ground to break the surface well into paddocks etc. where livestock, particularly horses, are liable to fracture limbs as a result of stepping into them. Each rabbit will eat an average of 500 g (1 lb) of green matter each day, so colonies will have a marked effect on vegetation near their warrens. This can easily be seen where paddocks have been laid bare of grass in a strip several meters in depth running around the inner banks of the paddock.

Rabbits cause a serious nuisance in organic gardens and domestic plantations and can clear an organic garden bare in just one night causing serious loss of revenue. Landscaped areas become particularly difficult to maintain when rabbits are present particularly when trying to grow young saplings.


Rabbits are classed as vermin in almost every country in the world and as such are not protected by law in Ireland. Wildlife Management Services have been providing rabbit control for the last 10 years and are experts in the field. We use an array of methods to control rabbits, both modern and traditional methods are used and we can tailor make a programme to specifically suit your needs.

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