Frequently Asked Questions

• What is our objective?
Our primary objective is to provide clients with an effective and cost efficient service based on dealing with the problem in a humane, fair, lawful and professional manner.

• What is our experience based on?
Over the past sixteen years we have provided services for clients in the corporate, industrial, sporting, aviation, agricultural, equine and public sectors. We have also provided services at estates, hospitals, golf courses, and private residences in both urban and rural settings. We are continuously improving our business with on-going training and keeping up to date with industry best practice. We are certified and trained in the use of firearms and working at heights. We have an extensive knowledge of all the species we deal with and the various different problems that they can cause.

• What species do we not cater for?
Most pest control companies specialise in rodent and insect control. We have developed our business to specialise in the management and conservation of birds and wild mammals.

• Where do we provide services?

• Do we cater for small residential jobs?
Yes, give us a call and we can discuss your particular problem.

• What methods do we use?
Wildlife Management Services keep up to date with all the latest wildlife management methods and products i.e. proofing, distress call systems, visual deterrents. But we also use a range of traditional methods which are tried and tested.

• What is our first option in dealing with an infestation problem?
If possible, we will attempt to solve the problem by using non-lethal methods and habitat management.

• How do I stop birds from roosting on my chimney?
There are a range of products on the market which are effective, discreet and humane. They will deter nuisance birds from landing on chimneys as well as shop fronts and ridges. Look at our proofing section for further information.

• How do I stop birds from nesting in my attic?
Prevention is the best solution, if your attic is fully secure and sealed off, birds will be unable to nest there, always fix broken vents and gaps as quickly as possible. Once birds have started to nest in your attic you should contact Wildlife Management Services, as you shouldn’t now block off your attic as birds will get trapped inside. We have specialist cameras to determine if birds have left the nest and if nests can be removed and the area is cleaned and sealed, click on our nest removal page for further information.

• How do I stop birds from landing on my solar panels?
There are a range of products specially designed for this, please contact Wildlife Management Services for further information.

• Is it safe to have urban foxes in my garden?
Ultimately an urban fox is a wild animal and they will always act like a wild animal. Thankfully there have been no reported accidents in Ireland however in the UK there are widely reported incidents with foxes and infants. Furthermore foxes can harbour a lot of dangerous parasites which can be spread to pets and humans. For further information please click on our urban fox page

• Is there anything I can do (homeowner/business owner) to stop nuisance birds and species from visiting my premises?
Always ensure that refuse is securely stored and clean-up any spillages or damaged food goods as soon as possible. Try to keep all doors/windows in buildings and production areas closed as much as possible. Repair holes and gaps in soffit and fascia as soon as possible. Once you have discovered that a problem species is present on your premises contact Wildlife Management Services as soon as possible as wildlife problems will normally escalate once breeding commences or further birds/animals discover a food/shelter/nesting site etc.

• Are we a registered business?
Yes, we are a registered business through the Government Central Registration Office (CRO)

• Are we registered for VAT?

• Are we insured?
We hold public liability insurance specifically for the provision of wildlife management services and the use of firearms in the provision of this service.

• Legislation?
Our service is provided in strict accordance with the Wildlife Act 1976 and associated amendments. And also with European Birds Directive

• Is a licence required to cull nuisance species?
This depends on the particular species, location and reason. If a licence is required, an application should be made to the National Parks and Wildlife Service outlining the problem-this is something that we can offer assistance with.

• Can we work outside normal office hours?
Absolutely, by nature our work takes place in the evenings and quieter times such as weekends etc.

• Discretion & Confidentiality?
Certain businesses require a high level of discretion and confidentiality. We guarantee to meet with and abide by the wishes of the client.

• Clean-up?
We remove and appropriately dispose of all associated waste material created by our actions.

• Should you call us for advice if you have a problem?
Yes, we are always happy to help and if we can provide any information to you over the phone we are happy to do so.