Why Choose Us

We are a long established Irish company with a wide list of satisfied clients and customers. Based in the midlands we operate nationwide, catering for residential and commercial wildlife problems and offer humane and effective solutions. We provide tailor-made programmes to suit your particular site’s needs whilst also considering the specific behaviours and restrictions in relation to the
species concerned. We employ humane methods in order to manage wildlife populations, where possible we use habitat management as our first option. Unlike some of our competitors we do not deal with rodents or insect pests. To view the range of species which we specialise in click here.

Our Management Programmes are cost-effective and have proven reductions in costs such as clean-up, reduced risk of cross-contamination and can reduce the risk of prosecution. Central to our successful Wildlife Management Programmes is that we are reliable and also consistent in delivering a quality service.

  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable
  • Quality Service
  • Specialist understanding of species and their habitats
  • Discreet
  • Humane
  • Long list of satisfied customers and clients
  • Honest Advice
  • Compliant with all Wildlife, Animal Welfare and Safety Legislation
  • Commercially insured

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Integrated Wildlife Management Services Ltd T/A Wildlife Management Services
Company No 664627 Dublin
Directors: B Nolan & Z van Dulmen
VAT No. 3672506OH




We used Wildlife Management Services to help us with a bird nesting problem we had in our maintenance workshop. At the time, we were unaware of our responsibilities under the Wildlife Act 1976 and the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000 and EU Birds Directive, which were brought to our attention by Wildlife Management Services. As a result we knew we needed a specialist contractor with proven experience and qualified expertise. A Wildlife Management Program was developed, which included the prevention of birds nesting in the maintenance workshop and also the supply and installation of artificial nesting platforms throughout the plant. As Barry said himself “they are NOT a pest control company; that they are specialists in the field of Wildlife Management”, and this is what we got, cost effective, high quality and professionalism throughout.” Alan Drohan, Maintenance Co-Ordinator, with Medite Smartply, Clonmel, Ireland

The team from Wildlife Management Services has provided the college with an excellent service. The original bird problem which was common in these parts of the dock has been tremendously reduced thanks to their expertise in the field.”  Trinity Technology and Enterprise Campus, Dublin 2

“Recently we had a problem with birds in the attic and I came across Wildlife Management Services.  Our problem was sorted in a timely professional manner and I am happy to recommend the company to anyone with similar issues.”  M. Duggan, Meath

We had a fox problem at our office.
A dog  and vixen fox set up a den then along came  3 cubs right under our office building.
Blue bottles and a foul smell soon became a problem and we called Wildlife Management.
Delighted to report they were fantastic.
Within a few days all foxes trapped and gone.
They subsequently ‘Fox proofed’ our building and we are delighted.
Wildlife Management were timely, courteous, and most important did what they said they would do.
We can highly recommend their service.”
Finance Matters, Terenure , Dublin , July 2014.

I called Barry to remove nests a few months ago. I am very pleased to say that the problem went away immediately after he carefully removed the nests. He was pleasant, thorough and did over and above his call of duty. I could not recommend him enough.” C. Dunne, Naas, Kildare

“I had a serious problem in early May with 5 fox cubs frolicking around my back garden….lovely to watch until they decided to get bigger  and eat all my plants and flowers and made holes everywhere and finally did not learn to read…so the sign that said ” Exit this way” was of no use…I googled lots of sites and eventually came up with Wild Life Management.I left a message on the mobile phone and as soon as Barry answered I knew I had found the solution.
It was to be humane and nothing else.
Barry came for at least 4 visits and worked extremely hard and fox proofed my studio and shed. A few days later we watched the video footage and the foxes had obviously moved on.”  Helen, Dublin, June 2015