Swallow Proofing

Swallow Proofing



Most people enjoy seeing swallows return to our shores as it is a popular indication that summer is on its way. However in some cases nesting swallows can pose some unfortunate problems. In this particular instance, swallows were gaining access to a large engineering workshop and causing a health and safety hazard due to bird guano accumulating on work surfaces and plant equipment. The guano also presented a slip and fall hazard on walkways underneath the nesting areas.

For operational reasons, this workshop is open for a large portion of the day and it wasn’t feasible to close the area off. Once the nesting season was complete and birds had migrated, we installed this specialist bird proof net. The net spans the entire length and width of the ceiling area with varying heights to allow for clearance of machinery & gantry cranes and also incorporating access hatches for the servicing of lights etc. Due to the nature of the work being carried out in the workshop fire rated netting was used.

Whilst conducting our initial site survey we identified some derelict buildings on the perimeter of the site and we made the recommendation that artificial nesting boxes be installed so as not to displace the returning swallows. The client was very happy with this suggestion, as despite the associated problems, they were actually quite fond of the birds and keen to offer them an alternative home on their site.

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