Herring Gull Roof Net

Herring Gull Roof Net


We were lucky enough to have spent the week with a bird’s eye view of Dublin City’s beautiful skyline. Our completed roof net will deny herring gulls access to the rooftop for this coming nesting season. As with most species, habitat management is central to resolving issues arising from human/wildlife conflict. There is no doubt that herring gulls are increasingly moving inland, however they remain a red-listed species and as a result it is important that they are managed in an expert manner.


Herring gulls receive a lot of negative press; however as in this case, building owners are beginning to take responsibility for protecting their buildings and fulfilling their health & safety obligations by seeking professional advice. Due to the adaptable and intelligent nature of herring gulls, ‘gimmick’ deterrents rarely work, rather an integrated approach needs to be taken. Only by understanding the species and the site in question will we be able to determine the solution required.


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