2015: Ten Years in Business

2015: Ten Years in Business

Golden Ten

Happy New Year! 2015, wow, this year we are celebrating our tenth year of business. All I can say is that these last ten years have gone by so fast, we thoroughly enjoy delivering a quality service and adding new opportunities to our business. We have worked with some great clients and customers and learn something new on each visit. Whilst most species have predictable traits we continue to be surprised by some of their behaviours. From urban foxes causing power outages by chewing through office wires and feral pigeons getting caught in large Dublin retail outlets (perhaps doing a bit of shopping over the festive season) we encounter some surprising problems.

Over the last ten years we know that of key importance is to respect the species with which we deal. We always strive to find ways in which humans can live in harmony with wildlife and birds. We cannot underestimate the vital role wildlife plays in our ecosystems. We continue to develop ways in which to ensure that when managing wildlife conflict situations we have minimal effect on urban biodiversity. Researching and staying abreast with latest developments within the wildlife management sector are key to providing our quality service.

So what’s next for Wildlife Management Services…hopefully many more successful years in business!

Keep an eye on our blog during the year as we hope to get involved in some exciting new projects for our 10 year anniversary!

Happy New Year to all our Clients and Customers, thanks for all of your support over the last ten years!


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